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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vince In The Bay? WINNER OF BTR PRES POLL #2!!

Congratulations to Vince In The Bay -- whose loyal legion of fans in the much heralded "tween" demographic have stolen poll #2 of the 2012 BTR Presidential Erlections. 

Vince in the Bay (aka Vince Tocce or Vince T. Snaggletooth) is a floppy BlogTalkRadio host from California. His obsession with the the occupy movement and the flawless crew, and unwavering devotion to hosting a low-rated internet radio show has earned him a label of Flop.

But tonight you are no flop, Vince -- tonight you are thunder.

He has an allegiance with Goofy Bone, though the Mr. Midnight Movie crew believes there is far more overtoning this relationship...

Stay tuned, friends.

Goofy Bone AKA Ayatolla Chololla

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